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The government has revised the new All India services (performance appraisal report) rules, superseding the rules framed in 2007.

The Center has decided to amend the rules to allow online filing of performance reports of IAS and IPS officers.

The move will help in checking delayed submission of the confidential reports and claims of bias in giving low ratings to an officer that affect his or her career growth.

IAS ,IPS,IFoS officer need to fill their appraisal form like in a corporate firm. DOPT(Department of personal and training) brings new format. According to the new appraisal,it has various stages and each should be completed in a certain time limit.All officers get  the benefit of appraisal on the 1st of every new financial year.Central government already started this appraisal and provides a whole year calendar and timeline.

According to DOPT guidelines, first implement this new system in grade A after that it will follow in grade B and grade C .Government try to their level best to bring transparency in a new system to avoid any kind of favoritism .The comments of reporting, reviewing and accepting authority shall be recorded electronically in case he is a government servant. Political executives can record their comments manually, it said.

The system mentioned that explanation and facts for the grading should be submitted online. As employees demanding  same for a long time.

First self appraisal

According to DOPT  guidelines, the employee need to do a self appraisal before 31st July.In which employee will explain about his/her work and responsibilities and it will submit to concerned senior in any case till 15th August.

The rules lay down who will write these reports and who will be reviewing these reports, fixing the timelines.

Senior officer appraise the employee before 15th September on his/her level. Then till the 30th September senior officer will discuss the appraisal report with appraise. Within next  month need to solve that points which  bring in the report.

The officer shall also be electronically communicated to the appraisal report, including overall grade and assessment of integrity, to help him represent his case ,but in writing to the accepting authority only in 15 days

On 31st December the last and final report should be submitted at any cost After this no appraisal should done. The timeline for disclosure of such reports is January 15 every

The new measure is in line with the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ,who wants that the officers’ performance reports are filed online for greater transparency, a senior DoPT official said.

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