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As An HR professional when you will sanction leave to your employees ???? When an employee is not feeling well ,plan to go on a vacation,emergency in family or injury etc… But recently a strange and weired leave application come into the picture.

A railway employee Pankaj Raj posted as TA-2 in Deepka  in Chattisgarh’s Bilaspur district has applied for a week leave so he can eat enough chicken to restore energy before “Shravan”(a Hindu festival that falls in monsoon every year in which Hindus usually  don’t touch non veg food).

So here the question arise in front of HR what to do in such weired situation.There is no denying that we should take our food intake very seriously but leave for food is valid??

Many employers give employees paid leave like vacation,sick leave and funeral leave ,family leave ,government contract etc as a part of benefits package to allow employees to maintain work life balance and feel refreshed to work more effectively after  leaves.It is to fulfill social obligations.leaves bring trust among employee which leads to increase in employee engagement .

But excessive absenteeism (habitual absence from work) will decrease the productivity and can have a major effect on company finances,morale and other factor.It is very difficult problem to tackle because there are both legitimate and poor excuses for missing work It is challenging for employer to effectively monitor ,control ,reduce absenteeism.