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As the above famous quotes says, “The HR Talks” main motive is to share latest HR news,articles,report,basic HR fundamentals,inspirational stories of leaders,and various case studies, so that interested people provide with a comprehensive guide to HR which can pass through generation to generation.

The HR talks introduce you to the world of Human Resource management (HRM) .It is useful to those who wish to learn and understand more about the role play by HR within organisations.It is helpful for student ,HR Manager,HR Executive for better understanding of the HR concepts.

The blog mainly divide into following categories:

Personnel management

Human resources Development

Organisation Behavior

Industrial Relation

Labour welfare

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About Author

I am Archana Kumari and I did MBA in HR and Marketing.By profession I am HR for 6 year.I started www.thehrtalks.com with the objective to provide you the complete HR notes and update you upcoming HR trends.